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Harmonize the Constitution Type

Discovering and rebalancing your personal constitution type

For most people there is a typical time of the year or a certain set of emotional or psychological conditions in which they are prone to fall ill or show extreme reactions. For instance, some always get their flu in November, become depressed around Christmas or completely lethargic in spring. There are both internal and external reasons for this – and both have to do with planetary forces.

The external planetary forces change during the course of a year, and so do the elemental energies shaped by them as well as the three basic principles Salt, Sulphur and Mercury. This in turn affects humans – albeit in different ways according to each individual’s personal moulding through the elements and basic principles. People born under different signs of the zodiac have a different constitutional type. As is well known, they also tend towards certain illnesses (see more detailed information about this in the chapter “Four Elements, Four Human Energy Bodies” in the book “Metal Essences”). This basic moulding is influenced by different combinations of the three principal forces with one of the four elements:

Zodiacal sign Basic principle - - element

Aries - - Sulphur - - Fire

Taurus - - Salt - - Earth

Gemini - - Mercury - - Air

Cancer - - Sulphur - - Water

Leo - - Salt - - Fire

Virgo - - Mercury - - Earth

Libra - - Sulphur - - Air

Scorpio - - Salt - - Water

Sagittarius - - Mercury - - Fire

Capricorn - - Sulphur - - Earth

Aquarius - - Salt - - Air

Pisces - - Mercury - - Water

(The 12 signs of the zodiac and their respective dominant influences of elements and basic principles)

Another modification of this basic zodiacal constitution type happens through the particular planet constellation at the time of one’s birth. Also, one’s personal constitution can be modified by particular living conditions, upbringing, diet and other powerful or long-term factors. By means of the following questionnaire the relevant constitution type (Salt, Sulphur or Mercury) can be determined. Ideally, the three basic principles show a balanced development. If the dominance of one is too strong, it should be regulated by means of specific combinations of Metal Essences. In cases of very strong contrast this harmonization of one’s constitution type should be done also before beginning a Weekly Treatment Course.

First, answer the questions referring to the Mercury type, then the ones referring to the Sulphur and Salt types. With the figures from 1 to 7 you assess how strongly a certain topic affects you, with 1 meaning minimum and 7 maximum resonance. Mind that you are exploring basic characteristics, not temporary reactions.

Mercury type


Does not Applies to me = 1 or 2 points

Applies to me occasionally = 3 or 4 points

Applies to me frequently= 5 or 6 points

Applies to memostly = 7 points

1. I get cold feet quickly.

2. I feel worse in cold weather than in warm weather.

3. I speak and think rapidly. My friends think I’m very talkative.

4. I get anxious and gloomy very quickly.

5. I move and act very quickly.

6. I cannot remember things well and forget things quickly.

7. I am very lively and enthusiastic.

8. I have a lightweight physique and no problem with maintaining my weight.

9. I digest new things very quickly.

10. I have a hard time making decisions.

11. I tend towards unsteady bowel movement and constipation.

12. I walk fast and have a casual gait.

13. I learn easy and fast, but I can’t remember new things for too long.

14. When I’m alone I tend to eat and drink irregularly.

15. I move quickly and dynamically, my vitality comes in sudden bouts of energy.

16. I am very impulsive and easily upset.

17. I am mentally flexible, sometimes rather restless and uneasy, but full of ideas as well.

18. I am very emotional and my moods tend to change quickly.

19. During the cold season the skin of my hands and face is very dry.

21. Often during conversation I move my hands and feet.

Mercury overall result: ....................... points

Sulphur type


Does not Applies to me = 1 or 2 points

Applies to me occasionally = 3 or 4 points

Applies to me frequently= 5 or 6 points

Applies to memostly = 7 points

1. It’s hard for me to be patient.

2. I am too hard on myself trying to be perfect with everything.

3. I am quickly enraged, but I also forgive and forget quickly.

4. Some people think I’m stubborn.

5. I’m often rather irritated although people don’t notice.

6. I sweat very quickly when I move.

7. I do not like to skip a meal.

8. I have a strong will.

9. When I’ve set my mind on something I see it through.

10. I have no problem to assert myself in my environment.

11. I’m very precise and orderly in everything I do.

12. Hot weather paralyzes me and I tend to be indisposed more than other people.

13. My hair is thin, silky, smooth, grey, light blonde, (ginger), I tend to lose hair.

14. I can eat lavishly and have an urge to eat certain things.

15. My digestion is regular, I rather have loose bowels than constipation.

16. I prefer cold drinks and like to eat ice cream.

17. I feel good in cool rooms. I often find temperatures in other people’s rooms too warm.

18. I often wear light, short-sleeved clothing.

19. Hot and steaming food disagrees with me.

20. I am not as sympathetic as people expect me to be.

21. I am very critical of myself which I tend to be with others as well.

Sulphur overall result: ....................... points

Salt type


Does not Applies to me = 1 or 2 points

Applies to me occasionally = 3 or 4 points

Applies to me frequently= 5 or 6 points

Applies to memostly = 7 points

1. I move rather slowly.

2. I put on weight quickly, losing weight is hard for me.

3. My skin is pale and feels soft.

4. My physique is a sturdy type.

5. I abhor cold and damp weather.

6. I rarely get upset.

7. I have an excellent long-term memory. I am a rather slow learner.

8. I eat carefully selected food which I enjoy in a quiet atmosphere.

9. After meals I often get tired. My digestion is rather irregular.

10. I like to sleep late and I need some time to get going in the morning.

11. I have dense, thick, (curly) hair of rather dark colour.

12. I don’t feel well if I don’t get my eight hours of sleep.

13. I have a deep and quiet sleep. I fall asleep quickly.

14. I have no problem skipping a meal now and then.

15. I have a cheerful, even-tempered spirit.I’m quick to forgive.

16. I don’t get hurried and I act with deliberation.

17. I hardly ever feel exhausted and not very prone to illness.

18. I am prone to colds, bronchitis, asthma and sinusitis. I tend towards constipation.

19. I prefer a certain routine in my life.

20. I keep my regular eating and sleeping habits even when I’m on my own.

21. Sometimes I feel uncertain when making decisions.

Salt overall result: ....................... points


Now add the points in each of the three sections. If the difference between the three types is greater than 5 points, your constitution type should be harmonized; beginning with the principle which received the highest score. If two of the principles differ by just 5 points and the third has a lower score, the principle with the lowest score should be harmonized. To do that, you should take the following combination of Metal Essences over the course of one moon phase/month:

In case of Mercury dominance or deficiency:

Morning: 3-5 drops of Silver Essence (best if supported by Pear Essence)

Midday: 3-5 drops of Gold Essence (best if supported by Field Bindweed Essence)

Evening: 3-5 drops of Silver Essence (best if supported by Pearl Essence)

In case of Sulphur dominance or deficiency:

Morning: 3-5 drops of Silver Essence

Midday: 3-5 drops of Zinc Essence (best if supported by Emerald Essence)

Evening: 3-5 drops of Silver Essence (best if supported by Pearl Essence)

In case of Salt dominance or deficiency:

Morning: 3-5 drops of Gold Essence (best if supported by Ruby und Field Bindweed Essences)

Midday: 3-5 drops of Copper Essence (best if supported by Diamond und Forget-me-not Essence)

Evening: 3-5 drops of Silver Essence (best if supported by Pearl and Pear Essences)

After these initial three to four weeks you begin the “Weekly Treatment Course” described above. After three months of Weekly Treatment Course, do the questionnaires again. If one of the basic principles should still be dominant, stop working with the weekly rhythm and regulate the dominant or deficient type over the course of one moon phase.